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Michael's Army
The Official MICHAEL'S ARMY!

Michael's Army is an alliance of people who seek to change the world at a character level.

MICHAEL'S ARMY International Groops! (iGroops!) unites people from all around the world, and represents a diverse array of cultures, languages, religions and demographics, joined together to take on preventable global pain and suffering.

MICHAEL'S ARMY will provide support and material to those who self organize, affiliates who, although sharing our broader goals, act independently, and use our connections, channels, know-how, funding and training materials to help affect change. The army will also organize its own units, assigning tasks, setting goals, measuring results, and will support their objectives to serve those with the greatest need, while concurrently providing the tools used to develop members' characters. This character improvement aspect of the army is at the core of its success, designed to give its members the ability to discern and make meaningful, relevant impacts in the world.

MICHAEL'S ARMY is intended to become the life-blood of several charities worldwide and will be devoted to the objectives of both character and community development.

The soldiers of MICHAEL'S ARMY have launched a Global Character Development Movement, a movement of self correction that will start with the use of ARMY tools and training, and soon they will teach others to do the same.

When you become a member of the OFFICIAL MICHEAL'S ARMY global community, you will gain access to ARMY news, activities, other members and character development education.

You gain access to social and educational tools, such as online video chat, our events calendar, photo galleries, charity videos, character development web seminars, service fundraiser tutorials, file sharing, photo gallery's, webinars, teleconferencing, and many character Improving e-books, e-magazines, e-newspapers, and much more from THE BOOK OF LIFE series and THE GOAL OF LIFE programs!

SUPPORTING HUMAN IMPROVEMENT IS OUR MAIN PRIORITY and charity work is no longer simply a day at the children's hospital or the soup kitchen. ARMY members will learn that charity starts in the character of each one of us, with a focus on personal improvement, members will learn how to HEAL mankind, even when they are not leaving their homes or opening their wallets.

Members will be able to participate in our community of like-minded people and connect with resources that will help YOU, help us, HEAL THE WORLD.


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Group Status:Open to All
Senior Field Officer Membership:$19.95 per month or $239.40 per year paid in advance
Field Officer Membership:$9.95 per month or $119.40 per year paid in advance
Recruit Membership:$1.95 per month or $23.40 per year paid in advance

Michaels Army, michael, Michael jackson, MJs Army, Michael, Baby Michael, arch angel michael, Bereved moms, Social justice
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