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Some confidential information i did not want revealed at the time.

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  #MichaelJackson #Statue #China
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Lahore Pakistan

Saturday, December 3rd 2016 @ 4:55 PM    post viewed 534 times

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Taaj Malik "LIVE"

Friday, December 2nd 2016 @ 4:42 PM    post viewed 889 times

Lots of my friends had a good laugh with this live recording, didnt turn out as i expected, serves me right for posing!




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Randy Jackson Giving/Caring

Thursday, December 1st 2016 @ 1:33 PM    post viewed 907 times




Randy Jackson visit a sick lady


Randy Jackson traveled for hours to visit with a very sick lady.

My Mom.

April 1st 2014 i got call to get back asap or i may not see mom.

i raced to get back, saw her only to be told we are going to lose here.

Family gathered round round the clock for days...

Then we were told she has a chance, and she was given dialysis.

Her heart has also given up, she cant drink more than a mug off fluid per 24hrs, that includes soup, any gravy in food, and most liquidy foods, she barely gets to sip on an ice cube.

her mental state is such, she WONT accept help, bound to a wheelchair, refused home!! I cant really say too much.


So Randy visited her, i have no idea what kind of miracle he performed, she was so calm, at peace, all she talks about now is HER SON!




Small acts off kindness are so dear to those that receive.



 Randy Jackson visit a sick lady


Thats Esa. HUGE MJ FANS, can dance like MJ, has MJ outfit, die hard MJfan, my newphews(chef) son,



Randy Jackson visit a sick lady




 Randy Jackson visit a sick lady

Ali, he owns his owns the establishment we are at.



 Randy Jackson visit a sick lady

Randy actually asked for this pic, my poor newphew was so nervous, hiding, avoiding eye contact with ... LOLSSS LOOK at his face! My nephew played the "server," so funny, we laughed so much at him..


Thats all the photos i'll share.


Thank you for visiting this page. i hope it inspires you to help just ONE person.

 You can read about another act of kindness "Randy Jackson, Michael Jackson statue China.. Here<<

"Live to surpass the limits you have imposed on yourself,
you can do more than you think so spread your wings and fly."



Mr Randy Jackson does in no way endorse any contents on this page OR SITES. He is completely unrelated to this site. or any of our causes. Mostly he has nothing whatsoever to do with ANYTHING IN RELATIONS TO or

I have posted his photos because he is my friend, his photo is posted as are the other peoples I meet along the way. I do however have permissiion to use images so long as not used in any promotion of any type. The images are posted because I wish to inform you off his acts of kindness as I would any other human being. I am disclosing informtion about a "person" not an entertainer, or his association with any of his business.


Thanxs folks.




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TeamMichaelJackson #WorldTour

Thursday, December 1st 2016 @ 11:49 AM    post viewed 1242 times


"Live to surpass the limits you have imposed on yourself,
you can do more than you think so spread your wings and fly."

In tribute to Michael Jackson's vision in Healing The World. Team Michael Jackson introduces...


 Traveling to Pakistan, Dubai, HongKong to meet family/friends. Show you the world I come from, and thank MJfans for supporting TeamMichaelJackson.coms efforts for past 7 years.

To show you the real people, that were behind these "Profile names."

I am hoping to travel to Europe, then road trip round USA beginning 2018.

I am not funded by anyone.

What I am doing is being inspired and led by an unknown force. I am just following that prompting and soldiering on, still, I'm very afraid.

My health is poor, so please bare with me...

When I set out to defend Michael Jackson in 2009, without realizing it, my work became very effective. I caught the attention of the Jackson family. K J, JJ, RJ, LJ. RJ, a few nephews and the worldwide media.

I am hoping to be just as effective again, but this time with LOVE.

The mission now is to spread MichaelsArmy.orgs message and TRY to fulfill my hero, (Michael Jackson)my idol's last dream. To Heal The World and SaveTheChildren.



Good Morning.


I hope you slept well and are in good spirits. If not, look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Do it for few minutes, then automatically a smile will appear more often, this in turn lifts your spirits more. im sorry in not good at putting sentences together, my grammar *****s! But i dont need that to LOVE... to share my journey with you and it may inspire, help motivate just ONE PERSON.


The UK, PAK, Dubai, China, HK part of the tour is scheduled to take place over next 6wks, depending on health. Rest a little then europe, 2018 road trip round MOST States in USA.

Here are my first videos, i hope you enjoy it, and that it amuses you at the very least.












... ." #StAndrewsDay #MichaelJackson #WorldTour #SaveTheChildren #HelpOneChildToday

I have loaded four videos.

bookmark the link above as i will post daily video diary there only.

Thank you for reading.
Smile. Hug someone today and tell them they are very special!



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#MichaelJackson #Statue #China

Thursday, December 1st 2016 @ 9:36 AM    post viewed 693 times





Some confidential information i did not want revealed at the time.

In 2010 i was contacted by a dear friend from China. She was very excited about this statue




Some confidential information i did not want revealed at the time.

In 2010 i was contacted by a dear friend from China. She was very excited about this statue


I know some members of Michael’s immediate family on a personal level. She enquired as to whether I could get some Jackson family input for the statue.

Jackson family loved what the fans were doing and agreed to provide endorsement and support. None could travel to China for the uncovering as it was within short time after Michael and...... Subsequently things got crazy with the media etc., and the trials. I found it very difficult to approach them with this repeatedly... But I had promised my friend, and deadline for unveiling was approaching!

Randy Jackson has responded many times and stepped out into the firing line, to support us fans.

He promised to do "something."

Randy stepped up.

I spoke with Mr. Jacksons assistant, the minute Mr. Jackson wakes up, have his notes typed ready for him to sign!


Randy was so very kind and gracious...





Please follow my post, i am visiting this statue this year. #Team #MichaelJackson #WorldTour


Thank you for reading.












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